Closing speech of O. Altansukh, the chairman of Authority for Family Child and Youth development

Dear Scouts, Dear guests and delegates,

Good evening of this wonderful summer night. The 31st Asia Pacific Regional Jamboree has been successfully organized and it is nearing to an end. On the behalf of the Government of Mongolia and Jargaltulga Erdenebat, the Prime Minister of Mongolia and Head of the National Children Commission, I would like to express my gratitude to all the participants and guests from all over the world, and to the people, organizations, volunteers who have worked hard to organize such big event. Special thanks to Mongolian Scout Union to have the right to organize the 31st APR Regional Jamboree in Mongolia and to all the public organizations such as Ministry of Health, Special Inspection Agency, National Emergency Authority, Mayor’s office of Ulaanbaatar and Landscaping service department.

Mongolia is one the few countries which has retained nomadic way of life. Traditionally Mongolian children help in setting a ‘Ger’, taking care of animals and preparing food. However, world has been changed and Mongolian way of life is being changed too. Half of the population lives in urban area and this makes children dependence. Therefore this gathering of over 6000 children has been a significant event to learn life skills and sharing experiences. I hope you will be peer trainers of life skills to your friends who could come here.  

Children spending too much on the internet, getting addicted to cyber world and experiencing cyber bullying have become one of the concerning issue in the world and as well as in a modern Mongolian family. Thus, through all 6000 participants of the 31st Asia Pacific Regional Jamboree from 40 countries around the world, we called for ‘’LOVE EACH OTHER IN THE CYBER WORLD’’ encouraging for ethical behavior in the cyber word and starting action to stop cyber bullying.


Do you agree with this? Then let’s say together!

Stop cyber bullying

Stop cyber bullying


Thank you and good luck! Visit Mongolia again!

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