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“Best Multi-disciplinary team

2018-02-08 16:59:07

The Authority for Family, Child and Youth Development has themed  2017 year of "Capacity Building for the Multi-disciplinary team", and cooperation between with the Crime Prevention Coordination Council, the UNICEF, the World Vision International Mongolia, the Norwegian Lutheran Mission in Mongolia, and Japan's Save the Children they had been created in one content, one module for 609 multi-disciplinary teams which is their 4634 members are joined the national training.


Authority’s year of "Capacity Building for the Multi-disciplinary team" implementation of the Law on Domestic Violence has organized the best Multi-disciplinary team competition by their quality of service provided to victims of violence, improve access, Multi-disciplinary teams submit their reports on time according to the law.


The “best Multi-disciplinary team" was awarded the "Nissan AD" car by the Multi-disciplinary team of Bayan-Undur sum of Uvurkhangai aimag, Zuunmod sum of Tuv aimag and 18th khoroo of Sukhbaatar district.


The award ceremony was held today at the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Labor and social protection. The ceremony was attended by Minister of Labor and social protection S.Chinzorig, head of Authority for Family and Youth Development O.Altansukh, Deputy head B. Khaliun, Director of the Coordination Committee for the Prevention of Crime Prevention L.Nyamgerel, WVIM’s Integrated Program Director Glorious Gragory Das, Director of Ulaanbaatar City's Norwegian Lutheran Mission in Mongolia’s M.Tsantsalsuren, Special Assistant Save the Children of Japan, E.Dulamsuren.



2018-02-06 13:10:25


By celebrating the positive power of the internet, the 2018 Safer Internet Day theme of “Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you” encourages everyone to join the global movement, to participate, to make the most of the internet’s potential to bring people together.


Celebrated on the second day of the second week of the second month, each year on Safer Internet Day millions of people unite to inspire positive change and raise awareness of online safety issues and participate in events and activities right across the globe.


Starting as an initiative of the EU Safe Borders project in 2004 and taken up by the insafe network as one of its earliest actions in 2005, Safer Internet Day has grown beyond its traditional geographic zone and is now celebrated in approximately 130 countries worldwide.


Leading organizations of the Mongolia SID are Authority for Family, Child and Youth DevelopmentCommunications and Information Technology Authority, Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia, General Police Agency, major cellular and communication services companies in Mongolia (MobicomSkytelG-mobile and Unitel) and UNICEF Mongolia


Safer Internet Day aims to reach out to children and young people, parents and carers, teachers, educators and social workers, as well as industry, decision makers and politicians, to encourage everyone to play their part in creating a better internet. It is also aimed at improving the public awareness of current issues in the prevention and protection of cybercrime in the public domain.

Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you

The Authority for Family, Child and Youth development will cooperate with Good Neighbors Mongolia

2018-01-12 11:03:58

The Authority for Family, Child and Youth development will cooperate with Good Neighbors Mongolia, an international NGO focused on reducing domestic violence and enhancing child protection through advocacy, communication and the media.

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