Our goal


  • To ensure public sector leadership and to strengthen administration and human resource capacity, to increase efficiency of budgeting, finance and investment, to expand domestic and international partnerships and collaboration and to organize public relations activities, to create a database and to provide statistics and  information and update necessary indicators;
  • To ensure the implementation of state policies, laws and programs and to promote and support family development, to ensure inter-sectoral coordination for providing social services, provide technical support to local units and affiliated organizations;
  • To ensure the implementation of government policies and legislation, projects and programs for child rights and child protection, promote and provide technical support for local units and other government organizations, to prevent the violation of children’s rights, to hold consultations and technical support for local units and entities and to conduct policy monitoring
  • To ensure and promote the implementation of the policies and programs on youth development participation and leadership, to create a social environment conducive to promoting development and participation of youth and adolescents, to ensure inter-sectoral coordination, to provide technical support to local units and affiliated organizations
  • To build an assessment and auditing system for effective activity planning based on results, to provide guidance to improve database management for monitoring with statistics, to ensure the implementation of policies for family, child and youth development.
  • To carry out public relations functions;
  • To expand and develop the sector's foreign cooperation, to receive feedback, requests and complaints and to ensure the use of transparency indicators to solve problems;