The Authority for Family, Child and Youth development (AFCYD) welcome you to our website www.fcy.gov.mn,ensuring we are able to communicate directly with the public.


Previously, the National Authority for Children (NAC) worked as the government agency that implemented policies on child protection and development. We are now working to provide the implementation of policies for family and youth as well as children in Mongolia. These three sectors of Mongolian society equate to 65% of the population. Mongolia has a total population of 3 570 778, including 1 490 230 children aged between 0-18 and 947 000 youth aged between 18-35.


Even though our organization has expanded its scope and is faced with economic challenges we have not decreased our work force.  Previously, the agency employed 38 people and this number remains the same. We are divided into 5 departments and 4 divisions: The Family Development division, Child Development and Protection division, the Youth Development division and the Monitoring and Evaluation division.


We also work closely with the 21 branches of the AFCYD located in each Aimag, the 9 offices for each district of Ulaanbaatar, the “Nairamdal” international youth center, the “Unur bul” child protection center and Child helpline 108. In total we have 374 employees implementing social policy and developing policy plans to ensure protection for Mongolian families, children and youth. 


Our organization is focused on public education. We are surrounded by positive attitudes and good practices in Mongolia but we just need to convert the 15 percent of negative attitudes in society to the 85 percent which are positive. Along with the implementation of good policy we need to build a positive attitude in society by organizing advocacy and promotional activities regularly. Today, the ministries of health, education, sport and culture are working to ensure the development of physical and intellectual wellbeing of our children. However, it is true that we are still missing specific policies and evaluation measures to support the creation of well-adjusted individuals and adolescents through an effective socializing program.


Child well-being starts at home with family. Children need to live in a positive environment and be provided with good examples from adults. We are also looking forward to working to support youth initiatives by providing opportunities to ensure youth participation.  As a result, we wish to raise Mongolian citizens who are responsible, productive, hardworking and who have the highest respect for our cultural heritage and national traditions. We hope to instill in our citizens a positive attitude and high moral code.   


To achieve this vision, we plan to study and implement good international practices from countries around the world and to use these as supporting policies for our programs on child development.  


Public participation is essential. We are certain that we can bring up healthy, confident adolescents with a brighter future, we can strengthen family structures and train a highly skilled young work force.


Thank you for visiting our webpage.


Let’s work together for social prosperity and to create a bright future for Mongolia.